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All Things Physical Therapy

Highly Specialized World Class Care


A One on One Interaction

At its core, Physical therapy (PT) is defined as care that aims to ease pain and help you function, move, and live better. 

At TRM we pride ourselves on offering our patients a one on one interaction with their physical therapist each and every time they walk in the doors. At the root of our identity is this saying, "Every patient has a name. Every name has a story. And every story deserves the best ending: Becoming the best version of yourself possible."

Every Patients Story is Different

This is why we believe in the power of relationship. We don't want to shuffle you in and out of our clinic, checking boxes along the way. We want to walk along side you and help you develop your own path to recovery. We believe in creating an environment that encourages and promotes well being. Regardless of what you have going on, this is very individualized and specific to you.

We take a very scientific and medical approach to it whether it be general fitness, biomechanics or general rehab. We look for the right way to do it.


At the end of the day, we're here to help you but we want YOU to be empowered to

train with passion, recover with intention, and move with purpose.


Post Operative Rehab

When life deals you surgery, allow the crew at TRM to develop your own, personalized path to recovery.  Our post-operative rehabilitation team, made up of physical therapists and athletic trainers, can help guide you in overcoming this temporary barrier in your life.  Each day after your surgery is a stepping-stone to achieving a better you, but how is anyone supposed to know when or how far to step??  We want to walk alongside you in your journey to recovery and guide you through any questions or concerns that you have along the way. 

Post Op

Common surgeries that walk through our door






We can help you restore your motion.

If you are preparing for any of these or other types of surgeries and are interested in a family of professionals to walk alongside you in your journey, please feel free to contact us.  Each patient has their own story that lead to the surgery and we would love the opportunity to meet you and be able to hear that story.  At TRM, our crew can help you restore your motion, your strength, your daily life, and the active you.  Again, each day after surgery is a stepping-stone to achieving the best version of yourself.


Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a specialized physical therapy method that uses specific, hands-on techniques without the assistance or use of devices or machines. These are skilled hand movements used to improve tissue extensibility; increase range of motion of the joint complex; mobilize or manipulate soft tissues & joints; induce relaxation; change muscle function; modulate pain; and reduce soft tissue swelling, inflammation or movement restriction.


Manual physical therapy involves two kinds of movement: soft tissue work and joint mobilization/ manipulation.

Manual Therapy

Exercise Progression

Exercise progression is absolutely necessary in any program to improve strength and endurance. Our muscles must be continuously challenged in order to develop properly. Muscles adapt over time to any given load. If your body is challenged beyond what it is used to doing it will respond by increasing strength and endurance. A standard rule of thumb is for your body to have continued benefits from exercising, challenges need to be increased.


Dry Needling

Dry needling is a treatment performed by skilled, trained physical therapists, certified in the procedure. A thin monofilament needle penetrates the skin and treats underlying muscular trigger points for the management of neuromusculoskeletal pain and movement impairments. Dry needling can be used for a wide variety of musculoskeletal issues, such as shoulder, neck, heel, hip and back pain.



Mobility therapy is a type of physical therapy that aims to restore a patient’s mobility after injury or illness. Restoring mobility not only restores the function of the patient’s joints or limbs, but also improves the general quality of life. Like in other types of physical therapy, mobility therapy involves the use of mechanical force and movements to rehabilitate the affected body part to regain its strength.


Return To Sport

Unfortunately for athletes, injuries are a common occurrence. After an injury, there are various factors to consider prior to an athlete returning to sport. At the point of return to sport, physiological healing ought to have occurred. Things such as pain, swelling, range of motion and strength should be assessed and the athlete should have minimal or no deficits. At TRM we follow a pretty extensive return to sport guideline to ensure your chance at re-injury is as low as possible and that your body is where it needs to be.


Movement Screening

Movement screening is the process of analyzing movement for the purpose of understanding how an individual uses their body. The movement strategies they adopt will contribute to their physical performance. Your body was designed to move a certain way based on how your bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles are arranged. How you move this complex system can be influenced by a lot of things.. age, activity level, type of activity, sustained postures, limb length, prior injury, weight, etc.

When someone is interested in training, increasing training, or loading movement, it is important for us to try to understand how your body may handle being under load.


Pool Therapy

Pool workouts for athletes allow for training in a high-resistance, low impact environment which allow for greater training without the risk of injury.  The Hydroworx pool offers a built in treadmill with large resistance jets that can be adjusted to various speeds and resistance as well as an adjustable water depth allowing for more or less buoyancy and weight bearing.  The research is very compelling in regards to the benefit and utilization of an aquatic fitness program.

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